Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lydia Ladybug - SOLD Thank You Robin

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my little shop. Meet Lydia Ladybug. She has gathered her flowers and taking them home to put in a vase. She loves Spring, don't you. Lydia is a Snugglebug Original and one of a kind.

Lydia is made from aged muslin and painted and stained black. Her feet are wood sticks. She has wire antennae with rusty bells attached. Each flower has a rusty bell too!

Her face has been hand painted and her lips embroidered cherry red. She is approx. 11" tall.

Meet Lydia's little baby girl Lisa May. She comes with Lydia and can be made into a pin or a magnet, your choice of course. This sweet Lydia Ladybug will be made into a Snugglebug Pattern soon, she has a cousin Bertie Bumble Bee now listed on

Please email for purchase. Lydia is just $26.00, traveling fare included. Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome here.

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Out of the USA, please email me for additional shipping costs. Thank you so much.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anna Easter Bunny

Anna Easter Bunny is vintage inspired. She is made from painted muslin and gently aged. She is wearing bunny fabric, gently aged also. An adorable polka dot ribon fits nicely around her waist with a sweet button attached.

Sweet striped pantaloons are tucked under her dress to keep her warm on these never ending chilly nights.

She is carrying a paper tussie mussie and is carrying her most valued treasure an Easter egg of course! Ribbon, lace and a vintage inspired button adorn this beautiful tussie mussie.

Sweet polka dot ribbon adorns her head with pearls and roses too! Anna is approx. 30" tall. A one of a kind original by me.

Anna Easter Bunny comes signed and dated by me Cathy Gray. She is $45.00 including traveling fare. Please email me for purchase at God bless and thank you!

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